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A former member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad says he was sexually assaulted during a video shoot

A former member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad says he was sexually assaulted during a video shoot

In another of David Dobrik’s online videos from June 2017, Dobrik, a tremendous net movie star with 18 million follower, informs Seth Francois that he is gonna be kissed by-fellow influencer and product Corinna Kopf. But being the video https://datingmentor.org/sugarbook-review/ clip’s headings „the man THOUGHT HE HAD BEEN MAKING OUT HER!! (VERY CRINGEY)“ clues, the person through the disguise was really Jason Nash a€” a 45-year-old comedian and Dobrik’s right-hand person. The videos has been looked at about 10 million occasions, and each year later, Dobrik removed the same nuisance on Francoise concerning Nash.

On January 12, Francois, who was simply previously in Dobrik’s Vlog team maker team, called to the H3 podcast, which is certainly hosted by Ethan and Hila Klein, to share in regards to the clip. This individual characterized how it happened the very first time as erectile attack, and announced that he had been traumatized by the practice.

An interview rocked websites and brought quite a few of Dobrik’s people ascertain the nuisance in the latest light. Also Jack Link’s Jerky, a meat jerky manufacturer whoever services and products are spotted within the video, taken care of immediately demonstrate that were there maybe not sponsored the vlog, and „do certainly not stand or condone any non-consensual make for instance what happened found in this training video.“

In an interview with Insider, Francois discussed their commitment to dicuss down.

Reps for Nash and Dobrik decided not to react to requests for thoughts while having nevertheless to concern any open public account on Francois‘ grievances.

Seth Francois spoke aside after another past Vlog Squad member characterized the club as ‚toxic‘

Francois assured Insider in an interview on February 15 which he got of two brains before selecting to come forward along with his feel.

On the one hand, he states he had been extremely traumatized which he had not been confident the man were going to bring additional awareness of it. He mentioned he decided his own masculinity ended up being stripped from your, so he’s were required to reconstruct and redefine themselves once more since.

„I’m just practise my mind to just staying sufficiently strong just to love entirely overcome it,“ the guy said. „it was not our failing. I didn’t subscribe to it. I didn’t demand that to occur in my experience. It performed. But that’s a product that i recently individually should put up with.“

But Francois in addition seen obliged to share their history.

This individual kept the Vlog Squad in 2019, nevertheless it was not up until the summertime of 2020 the man begun to reflect on the reasons why.

Francois chatted to Insider in May about video he revealed in Summer exactly where he or she claimed the man would like to capture liability for his own participation in Dobrik’s vlogs, including several racist humor and skits.

Francois said he’d applied a period of representation in the loss of George Floyd and also the charcoal Lives thing motion, and did start to realize he had been having fun with a „token“ black color person in a lot of Dobrik’s videos. He or she stated to be capable to take a look himself into the mirror each morning, and clear themselves associated with the guilt for contributing to the anguish caused towards his neighborhood, he previously to state something.

Since then, Francois is on a trip position everything behind him or her, but he continue to cannot release something about how exactly he was managed during Dobrik’s staff.

After another original Vlog Squad member, Nik „BigNik“ Keswani, explained his or her amount of time in the Vlog team as „dangerous“ and „like a cult,“ Francois chosen to come out openly stating that he’dn’t furnished his own consent for Nash to kiss him or her.

Francois instructed Insider he begun to understand „prank“ as some thing further seductive about a couple of years back, and determined that it was „creepy and odd.“

„I launched observing exactly how David and Jason had been talking with me personally and trying to keep his or her long distance,“ he or she claimed. „While I began planning on the game much more criminal than a nuisance, they going supporting me personally know that they can be hiding from me simply because they cannot experience the community realize the major secret within your Vlog team might be your intimate abuse.“

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