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Slough guy jailed after conning women that he came across on internet dating apps

Slough guy jailed after conning women that he came across on internet dating apps

He tricked them into thinking he had been investing in their company

A guy from Slough who conned individuals away from cash after fulfilling them on dating apps happens to be jailed.

Vimal Popat, of Salt Hill Drive, would hit up an internet friendship, that could typically carry on to make intimate relationships together with his victims in person.

After wooing them during a period of months and gaining their trust, he’d persuade them to spend their funds in a business that is non-existent.

Popat’s victims were mainly – not solely – females, the majority of who he had met online that is using dating such as for instance Bumble.

In every regarding the situations, he duped their victims into thinking he had been a successful Forex trader in addition they had been purchasing their company because of the promise of healthier earnings gained through the acquisition and purchase of currencies.

In fact, as soon as the victim’s money ended up being transmitted into certainly one of Popat’s bank reports, he’d make use of it to invest in their lifestyle or away gamble it in gambling enterprises.

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Whenever chasing their cash, Popat would string along their intimate victims for months utilizing a wide range of excuses to be unavailable to see them, such as for example being in an auto accident, being hospitalised, being robbed as well as going to a funeral.

He additionally created banking that is escort service in cincinnati false to persuade victims that his records had a healthier balance and therefore their cash had been spent.

His offending, which started in 2013, stopped during 2015-2016, but escalated to an extreme during 2019 where he duped four victims in a solitary 12 months.

A former work colleague and a former neighbour, impressing them with his fictitious business acumen and enticing them to part with cash in exchange for empty promises of financial profit in addition to the romance based offences, Popat also targeted relatives.