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Popura „Poplar“ Taneshima ( Taneshima Popura) styles amongst your main female characters inside story, performing.

Popura „Poplar“ Taneshima ( Taneshima Popura) styles amongst your main female characters inside story, performing.

This girl is a person petite 17 yr aged highschool pupil that work in Wagnaria when the greatest waitress.

Appearance [ change | edit supply ]

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Taneshima is your younger female among an harmless looks typically produces user misunderstand this one woman subsequently believe this girl even styles younger. She’s longer, fluffy, reddish brown tresses that was tied inside the ponytail and also/or commonly messed augment through simply Jun Satou. Equal even though this babe height is reduced than the normal, she tends being actually endowed compared towards many women.

Identity [ alter | edit supply ]

Taneshima has a bubbly identity, but tend to be frequently frustrated anytime user think she even looks inside of middle or even primary institution. This girl all the time desires each individual acquiring along. She actually is in addition somewhat oblivious, entirely never mindful from Jun Satou’s emotions to Yachiyo Todoroki, subsequently the reason why our one messes the use of your lady hair. Even though, this girl manages inside of recognize Yachiyo’s thoughts concerning Satou, truly previously Yachiyo will. ones woman is actually concerned concerning their babe height next steps by herself quite each day, even though even though linked to the series finale she shows last grown taller.

Background [ edit | modify provider ]

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Relationships [ alter | modify source ]

Co-staff members [ modify | edit supplier ]

Souta Takanashi [ alter | edit source ]

Taneshima highly admires Takanashi, this women appearance in addition unable within properly telephone call him by using his surname, suggesting „Katanashi“ rather than „Takanashi“, also after corrected.

This babe adores Kotori (Souta’s alter-ego) as a appropriate goals whenever she actually try really friendly using Takanashi, commonly attempting obtaining him and Inami together, and experiencing remaining away since he does not animal the woman regarding long durations. Nevertheless, that it girl is continually frustrated through simply his ‚limited‘ opinions.

Taneshima thinks Kotori bring each most appropriate girl, and many times required Takanashi inside take around-gown inside your woman, what he still refuses. Popura’s adoration to Kotori is actually in order to does level which our babe co-employees inquire the girl regardless of whether she actually is drawn inside one girl, however she denies this one. But, after conference Takanashi’s household and also discovering which they are most high plus furthermore impressive numbers, she fallen the woman admiration out of Takanashi’s woman-build and also requested authorization to appreciate his sisters, thinking about his family members endowed by on your gods.

Jun Satou [ edit | modify provider ]

Satou in fact shut buddy concerning Taneshima’s, inside what he frequently support that the girl and things it girl can’t do. Conversely, Satou have always been inside prefer along with Yachiyo, so whenever our person sees Yachiyo spending time period alongside Kyouko, it one becomes furious, in addition inside change, bullies Taneshima. in most cases with teasing that the lady about the lady height, in order to messing amongst that woman „fluffy“ hair simply by putting this inside divide hairstyles or perhaps exclusively ruffling this.

Kyouko Shirafuji [ alter | alter supply ]

Kyouko is actually extremely defensive out of Taneshima, plus includes today get that it habit in order to protect each girl at bullies within restaurant. Because this girl appearance your supervisor, Kyouko try permitted inside of decide physical violence to the that bullies, that commonly reasons consumers in order to by no means come come back, keeping Taneshima safe and secure.

Yachiyo Todoroki [ modify | edit give ]

Such as Kyouko, Yachiyo continuously defends Taneshima a person insults the lady height as well as this is customarily Satou typically she actually was in order to shield Taneshima in direction of.

Mahiru Inami [ edit | modify company ]

Taneshima and Inami are close family free BHM dating sites and also friends, then/or even frequently chat every remaining to advice Inami attain by using the girl androphobia. Taneshima besides definitely involves simply by by herself at Inami’s prefer the Takanashi. She endeavours inside drive consumers together inside every ways your she can, and also scolds Takanashi just as he may perhaps appear to render Inami feel bad. indoors episode twelve, Taneshima prepared Takanashi promise inside get down concerning time and Inami considering payment concerning generating Taneshima feel bad.

Souma Hiroomi [ edit | modify provider ]

Taneshima in order to Souma have actually continuously become good friends, but Taneshima looks occasionally scared concerning him nowadays in which he understands your lady black trick, also renders utilization of it to the buy this girl to do his efforts to him.

Aoi Yamada [ modify | change company ]

since Taneshima will do not read thru Yamada’s lies, it woman thinks that Yamada quite pleasant additionally sort babe using sad previous. really, because Taneshima try elder and then Yamada, this girl took it potential to manufactured Yamada believe of their woman simply because the woman „onee-san“ (elderly sibling) so our woman wouldn’t be checked right down just after at Yamada. nonetheless, Yamada currently looked right straight down at their female as well as actually patted this girl head. Taneshima was quite oblivious in order to find this.

People [ edit | edit supplier ]

Takanashi Household [ change | modify source ]

Popura seems help improve in Souta’s mother additionally that Takanashi sisters due they’re lots of tall, that is something that Popura aspires to-feel someone-day. Popura especially admires Souta’s mother, Shizuka Takanashi, because of this girl all the time feeling short just like Popura, but Souta’s mom used the girl very own do energy in direction of get tall when this girl ended up being following that the woman spouse.

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